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It’s race week!

It’s race week, which means my pink hat is lining up at the starting line on Saturday morning to run the Berry Falls 25K in Boulder Creek, CA. It’s put on by Coastal Trail Runs and it’s sure to be a great trail adventure through the red woods. Honestly, I’m excited and nervous, this is only my second race of 2015 and my BRFs (Best Running Friends) are going to be there running the 15K and 10K that is offered.

Let me give you a little background on why this is happening, the nervous energy that is and this being only my second race of the year…..

My pink hat has been notorious for FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) over the past few  years, which had me signing up for all of the races and in a lot of ways over training. This led to being cranky, tired, and my body was pretty much over that! I decided to find a running coach in 2014 and it was the best idea I’ve had. Michelle keeps me in check, prescribes workouts and helps keep me focused, not to mention talks me through any issues or injuries that pop up. During all of this we’ve become great friends and I am thrilled that she is in my life, she is amazing! We decided that this year was going to be my rebuilding year and work on a solid base, which meant I wasn’t going to race like a crazy lady.

Now back to race week!

The plan for this week is to rest, go easy and cross train. Cross training has been the key for me this year: I’ve gotten stronger, more fit and explored new things! Barre class? Yes! TRX? Yes! Time in the pool, pool running? Yes!

Yesterday was going to be my long run, because we had thunder/lightening and rain Sunday morning. I didn’t see it as a smart idea to be on a trail and potentially turn into a French fry. After work running was the plan, even though I am not a good runner in the afternoon – it’s a different ball game compared to my o’dark30 runs.

Anything after noon makes me look like this

Running after work is not my favorite, can you tell?
Running after work is not my favorite, can you tell?

Slated for 10 miles, I cranked out 7 and was ok with that. Sometimes, it’s better to do what I can and stay positive. This morning, I had a great 3 miler and 55 min of pool running….it was 4:30 am, breezy and cooler!

My focus on Saturday is going to be to have fun, get it done and know, that no matter what my pink hat succeeded! Plus, there is no sweeper bus on the trail, so that time cut off, yeah….I have nothing to worry about! Not when I’m determined, focused and always get it done.

How do you prepare for a race?

Do you have any race day rituals?


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