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Recovery week ~ Cross training and my first product review!

Good morning! How is everyone’s week going so far? I’m in recovery mode from the 25K last Saturday, if you missed my recap you can read it here Race Recap and I’ve felt great all week! I’ve been following coach’s orders to let my body recover and this morning was my first run. Between the weekend and today, I’ve been cross training using barre class, the pool and elliptical. Pool running is great for rehab, cross training and helps to work on form, while being low impact on your body ~ it’s really a win win activity in my eyes. Barre? Barre has been phenomenal for building hip, glute and core strength. If you haven’t tried it, why not? Sign up for a class today!

O'dark30 starts with coffee
O’dark30 starts with coffee

This morning I set out for my run and used the SLS3 compression sleeves that they sent me to review. I wasn’t compensated for my review, other than the sleeves to try. Compression sleeves and socks are something I use on a regular basis, either during a run or to recover (I’ve been known to sleep in them), so I was pretty excited to get an email from SLS3 to test these out! Do you use compression and if not, are you curious about why compression works? Here is the skinny on why it’s beneficial.

They sent me a pink pair of sleeves with butterflies and I wanted to use them for my first recovery run after the race.

Pink and butterflies? Yes, please!
Pink and butterflies? Yes, please!

When I first put them on and they didn’t feel as snug as I was used to for compression, and I wore them as I was getting my coffee ready to head out the door to start my run by the Sports Center (I pool ran after with Sarah, which is really a floating comedy show). Quickly, I realized how great these felt, my calves felt like they were being hugged, not too tight, not too loose but just the right amount. The sleeves have gradual compression, which means it gets less intense as they go up to the knee, while promoting circulation and helps with muscle fatigue.

My first mile was a warm up, I was feeling a little tired and my legs were a bit slow or so I thought. My focus was to run, shake out the cobwebs and finish strong, it was supposed to be three miles. Well, I was feeling so good and my legs were getting springier, that I was getting faster as time went by. I wasn’t as tired and my legs felt renewed, thanks to the sleeves and I ended up with 4 miles in the books! Let me add, it was four progressive miles and I ran by feel, which seems to be really good for my pink hat. When I finished and looked at my splits, 10:52, 10:06, 9:36 and 9:21 I was surprised and happy. My legs felt great and I had a strong run! I really appreciated that the sleeves were easy to get on and off, when I was finished and was getting ready for pool running, I didn’t have to pry them off.  Some sleeves are so tight, that it can be a wrestling match, not these! I also noticed that my legs didn’t feel like they were over heating as they can with other brands. I know these will be well used and I’m going to order a pair of the compression socks as well. If you’re interested in trying these out, use Pinkhat40 to save 40% on your order! And guess what??? There is a raffle to win a FREE pair! Who doesn’t love free running gear? You can enter using this link, a Rafflecopter giveaway

SLS3 Compression Sleeves
SLS3 Compression Sleeves

Leave a comment and let me know….

Do you use compression?

How do you recover from a long run or race?

One happy girl after four awesome progressive miles!
One happy girl after four awesome progressive miles!

2 thoughts on “Recovery week ~ Cross training and my first product review!

  1. Hi Michele! Your blog is truly inspiring! Motivates me to get up and get active! I really appreciate what you do here. I would love your feedback on our blog and activewear line. I think it would resonate with you. Keep up the good work! ❤


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