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Runner’s High all Week!

TGIF! My pink hat is back with a wrap up of my week, it’s been a great one & I hope yours has been as well.

I have to tell you, I’ve been feeling great, my lingering injuries are gone and I have been running really strong lately. Part of it, I’m sure is all of the trail running I’ve been doing. My body has responded extremely well, couple that with awesome cross training and I feel like I’m on a great path. Don’t you just love that feeling? I know I do!

Monday I took off for a run after work. If you know me, after work running isn’t my strong suit. I use them to build up mental toughness and help me keep a good attitude when I get tired during a race. I had five easy miles on my training plan to accomplish and I did, but I did it with hill repeats. With the Toro Park 30K around the corner, I have in the back of my mind I need to run alllllllll the hills. All of them. I did four loops of a rolling hill course in the middle of my run and kept my pace steady for each one, the loops came out to 3 miles.

An easy three miler on Tuesday and Thursday morning I hit the hills again, this time at 0’dark30. My six miles were strong and I put the steepest street in my neighborhood toward the end. This was after four miles of rolling hills and it felt good to know that I have the drive to keep myself going even when it gets tough.

Runs like these are what remind me that patience is key. Sometimes it’s hard to see the results in the midst of it all, especially the tough times, but it all pays off!

Cross training was a mix of pool running, TRX, spin, weighted elliptical and barre to round out my week. Sarah and Sharon met up with me for TRX, I love how strong I’m getting and the benefits everything is adding to my running. Strong hips, core and endurance are a huge pay off!

TRX cross training at Carmelbarre
TRX cross training at Carmelbarre

I also did some baking! Yes, baking, I love it! It comes from my Italian roots, we feed people and want everyone to eat. A friend of mine was saying she loves Italian Wedding Cookies, so I pulled out a trusty recipe and got to work. She was pretty excited to get her cookies this morning!

Italian Wedding Cookies
Italian Wedding Cookies

My other big news is……. I’m running the Big Sur Marathon next April! My pink hat was chosen during the locals’ lottery and I am beyond excited! This is a great course that I’ve run twice before, it’s local and the views are amazing for 26.2 miles. This is going to be my marathon for 2016 and I know it will be a huge success. Having not run a marathon this year, as part of giving my body a break, I’ll be ready take on the challenge once again.

As you can see I had a great week, full of cross training, strong runs and putting my first race for next year on the calendar.



Leave me a comment and tell me….

Do you bake?

What races are you planning for 2016?

How do you cross train?


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