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Motivation Monday


Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great, it was one of my long weekends (I have every other Friday off, Hooray for me!) and I got a lot done. These are always my favorite, I feel productive, have fun and don’t feel like I have to pack everything into two days, that extra day makes such a difference!

Saturday, Sharon (aka, Rungry Runner), Sarah and I headed out to Toro Park to run the Orange Loop of the upcoming 30K. That’s the first loop of the course and the one with Black Mountain on it. I’ve probably mentioned this beast a time or two, it’s the highest point of elevation for the 18 miles and a character builder in many ways. I’ve been out there several times, but this was the second time on this part of the course and by far, better than the first. As I was power hiking the steepest points, I realized how I’ve become physically as well as mentally stronger in tough situations, which led me to write this post. Let’s talk about motivation and goals, shall we?

Making my way up Black Mountain
Making my way up Black Mountain

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”John Wooden

I’m a strong believer in goals, motivation and keeping things in perspective. We’ve all heard the old saying, that set backs are steps forward or something along those lines. It’s really true! This year, I’ve taken a step back from an intense race schedule and have learned to really listen to what my body needs. It’s been a bit of an R&R year, regaining that spark for running while working on strength.

My pink hat finds motivation in different places….

  • The people around me both online and in person. Instagram, Facebook, Bloggers, fellow Ambassadors provide so much in this arena. What I look for are the ones that are honest, real and don’t sugar coat things. I don’t want a bunch of excuses, I want nuts and bolts. We all have bad runs, races, eat the birthday cake at a party, it’s part of the process and nothing to be ashamed about. That’s where the light bulb goes off and I think, “Hey, if so and so can go through tough times and come out stronger, so can I!”
  • My family is huge in this. I want to be an example to my nieces of what a strong and determined woman is. I’m not ashamed of where I’ve come from, the mistakes I’ve made or that I’ve changed my life’s course a time or two. It all adds up to who I am right now, today and will be tomorrow.
  • Making myself proud. That may sound silly, but it’s not to me. At the top of Black Mountain on Saturday, I turned to Sarah and actually said that I was proud of myself. Not because of how fast I did it, that I ran or didn’t run parts of it, but because I did it and felt stronger than the time before. It’s a process, every day, run, cross training session leads up to the next accomplishment no matter how big or small.
  • Looking in the mirror and liking the person that is reflecting back at me. This has a lot to do with self love, less self sabotage and knowing that I’m the best I can be.

Now on to goals….

  • Be my best self
  • Get stronger, fitter and more resilient
  • Maintain a happy disposition during races. This means fueling well, not going out too fast, etc.
  • Continue to listen to my body
  • Cut myself some slack and if I want to take an extra rest day, it’s ok. If I’m not 100% on my nutrition it’s ok, it all evens out. I promise!

Speaking of nutrition, I’m a big meal prepper for the week, it really sets me up for success and not lost in terms of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, & snacks at work. I tend to fall into a rut when it comes to this though, so I need some new, fresh ideas to spruce things up. Do you meal prep? What are your go-to’s?

Breakfast for the week: Baked eggs with soy cheese and roasted red peppers
Breakfast for the week: Baked eggs with soy cheese and roasted red peppers

Talk to me about how you stay focused and on track? Do you have friends that help keep you accountable, a coach, online buddies? Leave me a comment and fill me in!

Pool running with Sarah at 5:30 am.! It makes a difference knowing someone is waiting for me as my alarm goes off.
Pool running with Sarah at 5:30 am.! It makes a difference knowing someone is waiting for me as my alarm goes off.




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