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Happy Monday! What do you do to Crosstrain?

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was chock full of running, cross training and laughter, isn’t that a winning combination?

Since we last chatted I’ve had a solid week of training, cross training, my GPS watch came home and I signed up for a trail half next month.

Out of curiosity, who cross trains and what do you do? Over the last 8 months, I’ve really stepped up my cross training game. It’s been the bread and butter of my training, making a huge difference and to be honest, my workouts are fun! I’m sure  you remember that I pool run, but I also go to barre and TRX training. Have you tried either? If you aren’t familiar with them, hold on, I’m going to fill you in.

Barre has been  a huge asset to my assets, and I’ve surprised myself with how much I enjoy it! I went to my first class skeptical and came out feeling both fierce and strong, at the same time exhausted and wanting to go back. Barre uses a ballet barre to help you balance along with resistance bands, small balls and light weights. The weights, you think will be too light, but not after you’re tucking, lifting, standing on your toes and keeping up with the music. The moves are all small, isometric and fatigue your muscles to the point of shaking, which come to find out, is good! There is something about being complimented on my shake that makes me feel like I’m doing well in class. I suggest investing in the grippy socks if you plan to attend classes, they will help you not slip and hold poses. There are a lot of benefits that I’ve noticed from going consistently, here are a few for you to check out. Because it focuses on glute, thigh and core strength, my running has significantly improved since I’ve started classes last December. Not to mention, my body is leaner, more compact and I’ve seen muscle definition that I didn’t know could be there!


To get completely out of my comfort zone I went to a TRX class. It is offered at the same awesome studio that I go to barre, Carmelbarre and to be 150% honest it scared the hell out of me. How was I supposed to hang from straps connected to the ceiling, using my body weight to work through a series of exercises and not break the ceiling. Well, it’s possible and it’s another great addition to my cross training that is making me stronger and more badass  confident. There are two great teachers, Gracie and Peter that keep us on our toes and help us challenge ourselves while getting an incredible workout. Each teacher has a different approach and they compliment each other, plus they are so much fun and make the time fly by! Take a peek at what a workout looks like.

Sarah and I working hard during TRX with Gracie at Carmelbarre
Sarah and I working hard during TRX with Gracie at Carmelbarre

Yesterday was my last run at Toro Park before the race on the 29th. It was brutally hot there and I’m hoping that race weekend will be cooler. I had to slow my pace and really tune into how my breathing and hydration were shaping up. Regardless, we got it done and I felt good knowing that even during tough conditions, I stayed in a good mental place.

Taking a breather at the top of Black Mountain
Taking a breather at the top of Black Mountain

Remember I told you I signed up for one more race? I did! I’m excited to run in a new to me place on September 13th, it’s the Whistle Punk 1/2 in San Mateo, CA. Has anyone run this? It’s 4500 ft of elevation over 13.1 miles, sounds like fun and it will be a gorgeous course!

Ohhhhh I almost forgot, stay tuned! I’ll be doing a review of a Bulu box soon and they are offering a 50% discount on a 3 month subscription when you use SWEATPINK at checkout.  Bulu Box is a way to discover the health, nutrition and weight loss products that you may not have had a chance to try or heard about. It should be fun!

Leave me a comment and fill me in on…

Your cross training, what do you do?

How was your weekend?

What’s next on your race calendar?

Anything you would like to hear from me about?




5 thoughts on “Happy Monday! What do you do to Crosstrain?

  1. TRX is insane and barre is just way too fun. I had to stop barre tho cuz my knees started to hurt 😢.

    For now, I do Kayla Itsines beach body guide for cross training (Week 10 baby!) and at least Nike Training Club once a week. I also started hiking and would occasionally box but that’s a rare occasion.

    I love running in new places. Good luck to you on your next race. Looking forward to hearing about it ☺️


  2. I do SPIN for cross training!! which I think you used to do from your IG, but don’t see you post about as much anymore. Are you still doing it? I started doing it as kind of a first step to work myself towards doing a tri, but then I kind of stopped there because a) I loved it and b) I still can’t get myself into the pool!! I need some motivation there for sure. 🙂

    I live in SoCal so my next race is the Long Beach Half Marathon in October….but I grew up in Monterey and miss it so much and boy, am I jealous of your races. 🙂


    1. Alli, I love to spin! It seems like I can get to the Friday morning class, but the Tuesday evening is great too, but much more intense. Once my races are over I want to go back. It’s usually allllll hills and crazy resistance for Tuesday and I love the teacher because she pushes me, hence I don’t modify it. So Cal is awesome!!! I love it there and have done a couple of races. If you’re back in Monterey for a visit, let me know!


  3. I definitely will!! I’d love to get together if I do come up there–I miss the area so much! Also let me know if you ever come down my way! 🙂 I live in Orange County.


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