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Hello, October!

Let me hold onto my pink hat because….it’s OCTOBER already??

The last time we chatted, I had gone back to the mid-west to spoil my nieces visit family and recharge my batteries. Which was fabulous! Who doesn’t like family bonding over apple pie and ice cream, with a side of running and dark chocolate almond milk lattes? My point exactly!

I got back to sunny California in time to head out on an adventure of shopping and working out with the crew. This is what happens when you get like minded women together: we plan weekends away to workout! I had heard about Barry’s Bootcamp and FlyWheel from a friend and it planted a seed in my mind. We needed to try both of them, they looked intense and fun. Both qualities I look for in a workout.

Saturday  morning I was up bright and early, sleeping in tends to be 6 am for me and decided I’d do a couple of easy miles on the rec trail before we took off. Hoping for a 5K, I ended up with two miles because I saw a few friends on the Team in Training walk team that were getting ready for an event.  After running 2 miles, I opted to walk and chat, it was so good to see them! When I got back to the car and looked at my watch, I did a double take, my turtle pace felt good and I didn’t know just how good until I saw a 9:40 and 9:11 mile. The second mile was pretty much all sub 9 min/mile pace and had I known, I would have ramped it up a tad to get that sub 9! I was really happy to see this. I know, you’re thinking that it was just 2 miles, but it felt good and showed that I’m getting stronger.

Hey there 9:40 and 9:11 min/miles you're lookin' good!
Hey there 9:40 and 9:11 min/miles you’re lookin’ good!

And we were off, Barry’s here we come!!

Barry’s Bootcamp in San Francisco

Have you taken a class at Barry’s before? I knew it was going to be intense and it didn’t disappoint. We could either start on the floor or the treadmills, the girls and I were on the floor. We went through a warm up and then switched with the treadmill folks, we did this three times. The class was a full body workout and on the treadmill we did sprints and hills, seriously, it was a sweat fest! Check this video out for a glimpse of what we did. It was fast paced, the instructors were great and we were given lots of encouragement, plus high fives!

Barry's Bootcamp in San Francisco! This is our post workout glow
Barry’s Bootcamp in San Francisco! This is our post workout glow

Sunday we were scheduled for spin at FlyWheel. I was really looking forward to it, spin is one of my favorite ways to cross train. The 45 minute class not only worked our lower body, endurance and stamina, but we also used weighted bars to target our arms. The difference between FlyWheel, normal spin (aka, what I do twice a week) and SoulCycle, is that FlyWheel periodically puts your stats up on a screen if you choose to share. It was all a little friendly competition!

FlyWheel in Sunnyvale, CA
FlyWheel in Sunnyvale, CA
Really neat picture on the wall
Really neat picture on the wall

We had a fun weekend filled with sweat, jokes, cheesecake and shopping!

FlyWheel rounded out the sweatfest
FlyWheel rounded out the sweatfest

Now that it’s fall, there is another thing on my mind. I suffer from mild depression and this time of year tends to be harder for me. S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) strikes around October and lasts until February or March. I tend to get a bit more down in the dumps, want to be alone and not as happy as I normally am. It’s good that I’m aware that it happens and can see the onset symptoms, but it’s never any fun. I crave sleep, sweets and solitude while I have a tendency to be really hard on myself, more than usual. So this year, I’m trying to be more proactive, more gentle and self loving, while I work with my therapist on this. Yes, I have a great therapist and we’ve made huge strides in my mental health. Depression is something that I’ve dealt with for as long as I can remember (it runs in my family genetics) and I’m not ashamed to say I need the extra hand in making sure my pink hat stays on top of its game. My plan for this season of S.A.D is to keep myself accountable for my nutrition (I may have added in a few extra carbs since my last race that need to go), making sure I get enough sleep without extra naps, solid cross training/runs and be social.

Seasonal Affective Disorder strikes again
Seasonal Affective Disorder strikes again

Last night I wanted to take an epsom salt bath and curl up with my book. Before that, I made a green drink that consisted of a bag of power greens from Trader Joe’s and coconut water (note, this was after a couple of spoons of peanut butter for the protein, LOL) it’s not the best tasting, but it does wonders for my body. The drink is full of fiber and chlorophyll which are both great to keep my body on track,  but it tastes like I’m drinking a glass of grass mixed with coconut water.

Greens in a glass for dinner
Greens in a glass for dinner

What new workouts have you tried recently and recommend?

Do you suffer from S.A.D?

How many PSLs have you had so far?




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