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Beet Noodles, Halo Top Ice Cream and Cross training Galore!

Hello!! How is everyone doing? Are you off today in honor of Columbus Day? I am and I’m getting so much done, workout wise and errands. It always feels good to accomplish chores while having fun, doesn’t it?

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve tried two new great food finds! Briana sent me a link to Hungryroot, they offer vegetable noodles. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting spiralizer, but it seems like something I’d use once or twice and it would end up in the drawer of gadgets. When I saw the website and the options, I had to place an order, plus you get $10 off your first one when you sign up for their newsletter, which is the cost of a package of their product.

Beet Noodles
Beet Noodles

I had the beet and sweet potato varieties sent and we had the beet last night. Each package comes with noodles and a sauce that compliments them. Beet noodles have a savory almond sesame and the sweet potato has a creamy cashew alfredo. The sweet potato are next to go in the pan! The noodles arrived in a package with cold packs to keep them fresh and makes two servings. I was very much pleasantly surprised with both the flavor and texture, not being a beet lover.

hungry root
Hungryroot noodles to your door!

If the sweet potato are anything like the beet, I will be a repeat customer for sure and I want to try the other flavors. These make a fast, fresh and healthy side dish, main dish, etc.

The other new to me product I tried was Halo Top ice cream. I am a huge ice cream fan and trying to find something that won’t break the nutrition bank, while having a good taste is hard to come by. I was sent two coupons, each for a free pint and I was excited to see what all of the hype was about.

Lemon Cake never tasted so good
Lemon Cake never tasted so good

The first flavor that I tried was the Lemon Cake. It has a light lemon flavor, not too over powering but just right and it was creamy! This little pint is a whopping 240 calories if you eat the entire thing at once, that’s pretty much the same as one serving of regular ice cream. But it also has protein and fiber, 6 grams of protein per serving. Can you believe that?! Last night, we picked up the strawberry to sneak into the movies and it was pretty good as well. So far my favorite is the Lemon Cake and there are so many others to try!

Do you have a good substitute for some of your favorite indulgent foods? I’d love to hear what they are!

This was another good week of cross training and I picked up a dry erase calendar for my refrigerator. As you all know, I love my cross training because it’s fun and makes me stronger, but I tend to go overboard. The plan is to keep a log of my workouts – both running and cross training so that I can make sure I’m not over doing it.

My week
My week

All in all, it was a good week! I had three solid runs, cross training and my nutrition is getting back on track. I was a bit more relaxed after my last race of the year and visiting my family, but it’s time to get the ol’ pink hat back in gear. Coach and I are looking to tighten up and improve both my 5 and 10K times before I take on the Big Sur Marathon next year. We’re also looking at other races for me to do. I really want a strong race for Big Sur, so I’m making it my first event of the year. The other race I’m targeting is the Salinas Valley 1/2. Both are fabulous local events and I know I will run strong races, regardless of finish times. That’s the most important thing to me, is to run strong, happy and finish smiling. This last year really helped me refocus and shift my priorities, I’m looking forward to 2016!

That’s about it for me and what I’ve been up to, tell me what have you been doing!




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