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What?? It’s November!

How did I get to November without a blog post? Seriously, this is my favorite month ever! We have Fall weather, Thanksgiving and my birthday!

I started my month off right, with a photo shoot with the Red Light Shoppe. If I’m going to turn 40, I’m going to do it right! Brandalyn is an amazing photographer, who I’ve shot with over the last few years and each shoot gets better, which is hard to believe. The biggest take away from being in front of her camera is that I embrace myself, my curves, my abilities, most importantly the soar in self love and confidence. Not having those qualities instilled in me as a child growing up, the gift that I’ve had through her is priceless.

Photo Credit: The Red Light Shoppe

Don’t worry, running hasn’t taken a back burner to all of this fun! I’ve been logging minutes and miles and cross training as usual. As a matter of fact, I had my fastest 5K this morning! It was a cold morning, my asthma was not so happy about that, but I had a 9:22 average pace (9:38, 9:00 – so close to that 8:xx!! and 9:19). I’m not much for posting splits or times, but this is tremendous for me. Running by feel and just running, along with cross training has been great. Needless to say, I’m excited to see what race training brings! Let’s do this!!

This is my Turbo Turtle happy pace face!


What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m going to head out of town with my girl gang to kick off birthday celebrations, wine tasting, shopping, run and a SoulCycle class. Then back in time for a week of staycation, which translates into lots of relaxing, classes and fun. Most importantly, doing whatever makes me happy. This has been a great year filled with ups and downs, good memories, and self reflection. I’m ready for the new age bracket!

Photo Credit: The Red Light Shoppe




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