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Checking in, How is Everyone?

Good morning!! How is everyone doing this fine Monday morning? I was MIA last week, while on my birthday staycation, but don’t worry, I was still working up a sweat! It really was a fabulous week, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to turn the big 4-0, then how I did. Lots of time with friends, work outs, I even managed to sleep in and indulged in a few treats!

Staycation workouts!

As you can see, I was still a busy bee getting in everything from SoulCycle in Palo Alto to barre, hiking and running! After Tuesday’s spin and abs class my special guy surprised me with a birthday cake and singing and he had everyone joining in!

My birthday surprise birthday cake, how sweet is he?!

Coach had me work in some speed work and easy miles, which fit in perfect with my week. On Thursday I headed out to Sobranes to hike with a friend that used to live here and was back visiting. I think the miles and elevation go by faster when you have someone to chat with!

Sobranes is a beast but worth it!

Other than working out and seeing so many great people, I also had more time to cook. I love being in the kitchen, but at the end of the day, I have to admit I go for what is easiest most of the time because I’m beat. Saturday night I seared a tri-tip from Trader Joe’s, roasted asparagus and honey glazed butternut squash along with a salad. We were both members of the clean plate club! What do you like to cook when you have the time?

Voila, dinner is served!

I also ran the fun run on Saturday with The Treadmill, aka “the mountain run”. It is always a great group of people that come out to run, chat and log miles together. For some reason, I am getting faster when I’m out there, I beat my PR from a couple of weeks ago. It feels good to know my pace and endurance are getting better and I’m running happy!

Best running group around! Thanks to Janice and Chris at The Treadmill for hosting another great fun run!

Now, I need to detox from the sweets, excess carbs and wine from last week. Back on track I go! I strive for more of a balance these days, as opposed to an all or nothing approach. I find I’m a happier person and my body doesn’t feel as tired when it’s getting everything it needs – meaning not restricting a food group, etc. I found this blog post this morning that talks about eating disorders vs disordered eating. I can get into an all or nothing mind set and it’s a slippery slope for sure, having battled bulimia, I know that I need to keep myself balanced and in check. Here is Your Path to Fit’s post, click to read here!

That’s it for me, tell me what you’ve been up to!




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