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22 Weeks and Counting

Pardon me, I’m training….nothing I say or do can be used against me for the next 22 weeks. It’s official Big Sur marathon training has begun and there is no turning back now. I’ve had a break from regimented training for the last couple of months since my last race (check out the recap of the Whistle Punk half here). Don’t get me wrong, it’s been nice and I’ve enjoyed this down cycle. It’s been a lot of cross training, emails from Coach that have told me to run to run, enjoy it, no set pace. Pretty much find that happy place again and I did! My pace is a little faster, my legs fresher and above all, I’m smiling and happy. This is going to be our third year together and I have a good feeling that we’re going to have the best one yet. Last night while I was running, I had 5 easy miles on the calendar to kick this beast off, I thought about what my goals were going to be up until April 24th. I have 3 races planned leading up to the big dance, not all for time, but prepping me for 26.2. It’s been over a year since I’ve thrown my pink hat in for a full marathon and I’m looking at this much differently. It’s not about slogging through and finishing. This is going to be about running strong, HAPPY and knowing that my best foot went forward each step of the way along Highway 1. I fell victim to the run all the races mind set in the past and with this slower 2015, I’ve gained insight that I won’t be doing that any more. QUALITY over quantity from here on out. This was a lesson that my Coach has worked hard to instill in me and I’m very thankful I’ve adopted it.

Five easy miles to kick off training!

Here are my goals for this training cycle!

  1. Back on the food prep train. I have slacked off in the last few weeks. It’s been on the back burner and I know that this is not the way to go. Let’s face it….fail to plan, plan to fail! My choices haven’t been horrible, but I need to tighten up the game a bit so that I’m not debating between trail mix and peanuts at the vending machine when 3 pm rolls around, getting the peanuts and vowing to pack a snack for the next day.
  2. Recovery. I need to be on top of rolling with my M80 Roller . If you haven’t heard of them, definitely take a peek. Matt has created hands down the BEST roller I’ve had and works miracles. What’s even better, it’s made by a small company in So Cal, support small businesses!
  3. Keep every run in perspective. Not all will be great, not all will be bad, but I will gain something from each one.
  4. Cross training is a priority. I get caught up in wanting to run, run, run and with my renewed love of cross training I know the importance. There are so many benfits to cross training both  mentally and physically. I for one love it and have found so many activities that I didn’t think I would enjoy. TRX? Sign me up! Barre? I’m a  barre addict now. Pool Running? Nothing beats an hour in the pool with a buddy getting it done and giving my legs a break. Spin? Let’s do it!

Those are what came to mind while I was running my miles last night. Do you set goals or go with the flow to see what happens? I got home and tossed on my compression socks and stirred up a glass of Calm. Mine is raspberry/lemon aid flavored magnesium. Not only does it aid in muscle recovery, it helps me sleep and keep my tummy happy.




Can you believe Thanksgiving is two days away? This year has flown by and I have no idea where it’s gone. What are your plans for Turkey Day? I’ll be volunteering at a local turkey trot and spending the day with family. My best friend is hosting us to gobble till we wobble and I’m bringing a couple of dishes. Looks like a pecan pie, roasted brussel sprouts with butternut squash and who knows what else I’ll whip up. I love to cook, especially for loved ones! Do you have a favorite dish that you must have each year? Don’t forget, Hungryroot is offering my readers 20 % off when you use code MICHELEM20!

Is anyone getting up early for Black Friday? As much as I love to shop, I’m not a fan of crowds. Instead I will partake in Cyber Monday and visit my locally owned stores to support them! If you have a runner on your list, be sure to check out Michelle’s gift guide to bring holiday cheer to them!

Have a happy and full bellied Thanksgiving! Tell me what you’re doing to celebrate!







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