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Not my week, evidently…

Last week was the first of 22 weeks of marathon training for Big Sur, I was so pumped and ready to jump in. Until a bruised rib happened and I was side lined. Monday, I went for my run after work, you may  have seen the photo on Instagram, I was smiling and happy with a little ache in my left side. To be honest, I chalked it up to my sports bra being fastened too tight, snapped the photo at the end and made my way  home. The pain got worse, I got cranky – this will be a reaccuring theme for last week, trust me and slept like I was standing watch. I was happy to have Tuesday as a cross training day and went to spin. Yeah, that went over like a lead balloon and I was breathing like one. It hurt! A little trip to urgent care on Wednesday night after I waved the white flag revealed a bruised rib from the little fall I had the beginning of the month, which was aggravated by my two weeks of non stop coughing from a cold.  A shot of pain meds in the booty and a prescription for anti-inflammatory later, I was sitting on my sofa, ready to be better. flag


That was the beginning of my week, I still managed to get out to Carmel Valley Athletic Club (CVAC) to volunteer on Thursday for their turkey trot. Turkeys were trotting, I was cheering and it was cold! Did you trot or volunteer?

Saturday, the local running store that I adore, The Treadmill was hosting a sunset hike up Sobranes. I wasn’t going to miss out on this, it was sure to be a beautiful evening and great group! We headed up the trail, it was great and as promised the sun was setting as we descended.


Well, the trip down was by far more eventful than the trip up. I was trying to stay out of the way of the folks that opted to run down and in the process of getting out of their way, took a wrong step and twisted my foot. This was not my week. Not. At. All. Limping down 1800 ft, after having a small  big meltdown was not the business while in the dark and extremely frustrated with myself. Stephano was beyond patient with me, seriously, this man needs a Purple Heart for dealing with me on the way back to the car. He showed so much patience as I yelled and screamed, how he kept his composure, I have no clue. I may be 5’2″, but that doesn’t stop me from unleashing a 7′ crazy lady when I’m in pain. Needless to say, I have a couple of days off of running to get myself back to normal. Lots of cross training on the bike and in the pool, core work, galore!! I was a little nervous to send my weekly update to Coach, but she was once again extremely understanding.  Michelle tells me what I need to hear (maybe not always wanting to), motivates, encourages, gives me tough love and is always extending kind words when needed. We decided trails in the dark are not a good idea. Trails in daylight that aren’t technical maybe a better idea. Sobranes has sections of loose rock, gullies, slippery slopes, etc. Besides, I’m running a road race in April, I need to be more on the road once this is healed.

Has anyone else had weeks like this, that when it rains it pours?

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you gobble till you wobble?




2 thoughts on “Not my week, evidently…

  1. OH man! Bruised rib are no joke! I fell last year putting on my boots (graceful I am not). And trails are tricky no matter what but in the dark, scary! So glad you weren’t alone. Hope you heal quickly.


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