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Focus on what you want….

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was chock full of cross training, meal prep, dog sitting and catching up. So not much new to report over in my neck of the woods. Running last week, was put on hold until Sunday when I was given 20 minutes to do before spin. My twisted foot is doing better, but not 100% and it has to be, I have a marathon in 21 weeks! Sunday I set out a little too over dressed for a short trot. It felt chillier when I left the house to head down to the trail, and my trusty Buff kept me warm, plus it’s pink and blinged out, that’s a win! But you know what else is a win? Buff is offering FREE shipping when you use the code JINGLE today (December 7th) only. Get to ordering! These make great stocking stuffers!

A pink Buff, makes all the difference

Even with the short hiatus from running, my spirits didn’t get down last week, I got a lot of good cross training in and a rest day on Friday.

My week on a white board
Elliptical to make me feel like I was “almost” running

Besides cross training, I also got to spend time with Penny! Her mom ran the California International Marathon (CIM) and her dad was support crew/cheer squad, which meant P-Money (I gave her a gangsta name) was hanging with me. She was awesome company and so well behaved! We had a great time, she got lots of walks, helped me around the house and relaxed. It was her own little vacation!

That face!!

We also made this great gluten free pumpkin bread, Penny was quite the little chef in the kitchen! I picked up some Soy Nog, which is dairy free and it is so good!


Saturday night, my Coach sent out an email with a new format for how we’ll update workouts and where to look for them. It’s on VDOT02 and so far it looks great. We chatted back and forth about the upcoming season and she’s expressed that this one will be much different than past seasons we’ve worked together. As you guys know, I’ve been rebuilding and reframing how I look at running. The emphasis this season is going to be focus and training smart. Focus on the end prize and smarter so that I don’t get injured doing anything crazy like hiking at night and twisting my foot. Pretty much, the bottom line was if I want it bad enough and put the time/work in to really achieve it, I will. I’m on board with that! In the past, I was too much in the mind set of just getting it done. I want to see results from what I know I can do training wise.

How is your Christmas shopping going? Here are a few discount codes you can use!

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I’ll have a review coming soon for Meal Enders and a giveaway for SLS3 in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!!




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