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You can’t make me!

Happy New Year! It’s January first and everyone is hopping on the New Years’ Resolution band again, except I didn’t buy a ticket. I don’t normally.  I know, I know…you’re thinking, how does she not do this? How does she not make up her mind to do something different, make a change, etc.? Oh but I do, personally I don’t wait until a specific date to pop up on the calendar. It’s an ongoing process. Remember, it’s not the destination that matters, it is the journey.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think there are some great reasons to make resolutions. What is a resolution anyway? Good ol’ Merriam Webster tells us that it is…”the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something”. I think sometimes people confuse goals with resolutions. Instead of looking at overall health or into the future and what medical issues they could keep at bay that they could inherit, they want to instantly lose 20 pounds. I think losing weight to be healthier and prolong their life is an awesome idea, but it’s not happening with a quick fix that many adopt, only to let go by February.  Maybe I have a skewed way of looking at it.  What do you think about this?

This next year is going to build on what 2015 laid as a foundation when I took a step back, a deep breath and got my pink hat back on straight. I started saying no to toxic people/situations in my life, embracing my strengths rather than magnifying my weaknesses, finding balance between life and running, making time for me and enjoying life to the fullest.  This gave me perspective on the people in my life, who I wanted to strengthen relationships with and really honor myself.

This morning, I headed out to the Rio Resolution 5K, to see how my pink hat is looking going into 2016. It was a good race, a tad slower in the second mile than my race plan wanted, thanks to a bottle neck on a hill, but I was pleased with it!

Cruising into the finish line!

I’ve also started to read, “It Starts with Food” this week. It is the building block of the Whole30 Program and if you know me, you know I’m not sold on a plan that makes you give up entire food groups like it does. What intrigued me to buy it from Amazon were the chapters on inflammation, gut health and hormones. So far, I’ve enjoyed the book and I know it will help add knowledge to what I’ve already researched. I try to keep dairy and grains low on the spectrum of my plate, but the last couple of months they’ve been around  more than they should be. My family has a history of Alzheimers and inflammation in our bodies doesn’t help this. Add in some digestive issues and this is reaffirming that I need to tighten things up a bit more again.

Learning and a cup of green tea is always a good thing.

That’s the latest and greatest from my pink hat! Tell me what did you do for New Years? Race plans for 2016? Fill me in!!




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