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PHR, Checking In!

Hello, it’s me!! Your favorite Pinkhatrunner. It’s been a busy but quiet couple of weeks since we last chatted and can you believe it’s already February?! How does the time fly by so fast? What have you all been up to?

This is more of a rambling, how ya doin’, what’s new with you post since there isn’t really anything new with me. I had jury duty on Monday, that lasted a couple of hours and we were sent home with a “thank you, see you again in two years” as we bolted for the door.

Training is humming along, long runs are gaining distance and my mid week runs are getting both longer and more intense. We’re talking threshold runs, hills and speed! I love how Coach has me working, pushing myself and getting comfy being uncomfy. This has been a great training cycle so far. Oh, did I mention that Michelle broke the Canadian W40 Indoor 5000M track record last weekend? Now, that’s what I call a big deal! You can read all about it here. She is truly inspirational and gives 1000% to everything, including the athletes she coaches. Bravo!!!

While Coach is out crushing records and taking names, I’m putting in my work too!

The week of January 25th

Last weekend, it was pouring when my alarm went off at 5:30 to get ready for my long run. High winds and downpour put me back to sleep until the gym opened and I spent the time I would have been running, on the elliptical. It’s no joke, 2:15 going on that and I had my figs/Lemon Larabar and hydration on hand. It was a long time, but I’m happy I got it done!


Have you come across a food that you can’t get enough of? That’s been me and kale. Seriously, I’m shocked I’m not green at this point, I’ve had it every day and most often twice a day. Yesterday’s lunch was roasted kale and a chicken breast, it was heaven!


Besides being delicious, it was good pre run fuel for my threshold intervals last night. I’m getting better about running after work, the dark doesn’t bother me as much. It’s odd that I will run at o’dark30, but after work is a challenge, which I’ve been diligently working on. Can you see me in the dark?!


Oh, did I mention I’ve signed up for two races after Big Sur? I have a half the end of June and then this guy on October 1st. I even signed up the boy to run it with me. It’s bonding time, right? Meaning he’ll run and come back to find me on the course 😉 I’m really looking forward to running the Frog Hill Half. It’s going to be a bit of a leap frog up that first hill!


Guess what else? I’m excited that I was chosen to review Smarty Pants Vitamins in the next couple of weeks, plus they are going to offer a giveaway! The one thing that I look for in review opportunities, are products that I would normally use and vitamins are on that list. Smart Pants Vitamins are an all-in-one once a day that pack a punch! Stay tuned for more information and how I like them!


I may have worn my SLS3 compression sleeves to work today, don’t you? No? I can’t be the only one!



Well that’s a bit of rambling and pictures on my part! Now, dish it, what has everyone else been up to?  Do you have a favorite veggie? Vitamin?







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