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Whole30, Volunteering and Training

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I made it!! What did I do, you ask? My Whole30 Challenge is complete, it was from January 11 – February 11th. When I returned from my road trip, I had my pink hat determined to get back on the good eating habits wagon. I had pretty much fallen off, with the exception of a few one or two things and was hanging on for dear life.


Remember I talked a little while ago about It Starts with Food ? I was reading it on the trip from California to Missouri to break up listening to the same three songs over and over. I’m not a fan of eliminating an entire food group or telling people what to eat. It’s an individual choice and there isn’t something that works for everyone. For me, I feel better when I’m not eating a lot of dairy, processed carbs, etc. After reading the book, it made sense and to be honest, it was really close to how I was eating until that derailed wagon happened.  In the nutshell, the Whole30 is an elimination plan that addresses inflammation, digestion and allergies. Which boils down to no grains (including rice, corn, quinoa, flours), processed foods, legumes (meaning peanut butter was off limits. I’m a PB lover, it’s a food group in my world), dairy, added sugar (reading labels, I was amazed at the amount of sugar added to basic ingredients. Beef broth and bacon have it!) artificial sweetners and soy (no lattes, NONE). For the first time, I drank black coffee and didn’t add Splenda to it or tea. This got me back into reading labels, taking stock of what needed to be tossed and reevaluating my daily intake. Since I’m a planner and meal prepper, I didn’t have a lot of trouble getting into the groove with that. Planning is key to this! The old saying, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” is very true when embarking on this for thirty days. I had to be a little more on top of my game, which was fine. The one thing that concerned me, was running and how this would effect it. I learned that fueling with whole foods – Larabars, figs, etc. was ok, even noticing I wasn’t taking in as much fuel during a long run. After a little research, I found a Whole30 for Runners Facebook group and joined. The group is full of information, answers questions and is really supportive. Gotta love the running community.

The plan says not to weigh yourself or count calories, which I loved! The scale is the enemy. I hate that thing! It doesn’t do anything more than spit out a number, which then reeks havoc on my self esteem and how I view myself. Who needs that pressure?!


There were a few noticeable changes that I experienced, which I was very happy about. I didn’t feel as bloated, my afternoon energy slump went away and my clothes are looser on me. I got back in the routine of looking at the menu online before the couple of times I went out to eat and having an idea of what to order, which felt more secure than winging it in a restaurant. All positives! However, I did notice I got into the habit of eating pretty much the same things, and had to start being more active in looking for new recipes or ideas. If there is another sweet potato any time soon, I may scream! I had to stop buying them, my initial reaction after a couple of weeks was to gag, that’s not fun.

What’s next? I’m going to keep cruising on this path and periodically have quinoa, maybe a little dairy, a bite of dessert,  but not going to revert back to where I was. More of a Paleo lifestyle again.

In other news, I also volunteered at Inside Trail Racing‘s Ft. Ord race last weekend! My shift was from 5-10 am, but I stayed an hour later waiting for Briana to finish. At the start, I was Ms. RunNerd when the Ginger Runner asked me a question. Ethan was so nice and let me take a picture with him, which promptly was posted to Thepinkhatrunner  on Instagram.


Sarah was running the 50K as a training run for her 50 miler in April and Briana did the 25K. Both ladies were amazing out on the course! Sarah brought home a 30 minute PR! That girl has determination, grit and doesn’t stop till she gets it done!


As always, I’m still out there pounding the pavement and training for Big Sur! This week, I was happy to get a couple of o’dark 30 runs in, great speed work, pool, spin and tonight is Pilates.


That’s what I’ve been up to, now tell me all about your adventures and what’s going on with you!

Have you tried an elimination diet before? How did it go? Training?




5 thoughts on “Whole30, Volunteering and Training

  1. You’re so right on about reading labels and figuring out what works best for you! Loved this post; super informative and I feel like I finally know what the Whole 30 is about. I’m always tweaking my nutrition and I too find that it doesn’t pay to eat what you’re body doesn’t like!


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