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Cardio Pilates and a Springboard

Good morning and TGIF!

This has been my thought process for the last few weeks, anyone else in need of a vacation?


One of the bright spots was an email that I received from Maddy, the owner of Physique Exercise Salon. She has seen my blog (how cool is that?!) and wanted to invite me to one of her Group Reformer and Cardio classes to try with a friend. The studio offers Barre, Pilates and TRX classes, check out their schedule to see what they have coming up!

(*I received a free class for myself and a friend from Physique. All of the opinions are solely mine*) 

The studio was bright, inviting and tucked away in Carmel. If you’re in the area or visiting, I highly recommend you check it out!

Physique Exercise Salon

Briana is always down for a class or to try something new so I enlisted her to join me. As it turns out she had been before and enjoyed it so much she was game to go again. If you’ve read my blog or visited me over on Instagram, you know I’ve been to a reformer class a few times.  This studio uses a springboard version, which mixes cardio with Pilates – it was a complete body workout, from head to toe with core work as well. The beginning of the class was the springboard portion and I felt like a flying turtle. It was pretty cool and challenging, taking regular Pilates foot work and upping the ante. Our legs literally sprung off of the board, sending us backward.  Once again, I was surprised at what a workout it was! It wasn’t just my legs bouncing off of the platform, but my core was engaged as well. We worked through both upper and lower body exercises with the reformer, and also used light hand weights at the end. It was as if barre and Pilates came together and made the time fly by! I’m pretty sure the lady to my right and Briana to my left, heard some moans and groans coming from me, even though there was upbeat and fun music in the background. Please accept my apologies!

I love how trying new things or classes gives me not only a way to shake up my routine, but works different muscles. No matter how many weights I lift, reps I do, there is always a new way to engage and get stronger, this class definitely did that. Do you look for ways to change things up, keep your work outs interesting and new? Physique will see my pink hat again in the future, it was a lot of fun and good energy!

Please excuse the post Pilates hair! Maddy the owner of Physique and I after class. What a workout she put us through! Thank you!


Tell me what you’ve been up to! How is training? Any great race recaps? Trying anything new?





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