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February is Outta here!

Happy Leap Year! We get an extra 24 hours in our month and year. How are you using them? As my best friend text me this morning, she is becoming Little Miss Positive Thought of the Day, it’s a free 24 hours for a fresh start. I made Ginger promise to create a blinged out daily calendar that she can sell with all of her wisdom. She’s been stuck with me for a little over 15 years and we’re sister-friends. We’ve been through it all and still cracking each other up. Here she is in all of her fabulousness!

Enter a cIaption

The high lite of my weekend was  going up to Morgan Hill, which is about a 45 minute drive from me, to try The Daily Method for the first time. Having been to the local barre studio, classes at the gym and Pure Barre, I was game! It was a great class, fast paced and kept me on my toes. I really enjoyed it and would love to go back. I was looking around at schedules and saw that Pure Barre is offering a platform class, that looks like a fun challenge. Has anyone tried that yet? It’s still fairly  new!


In all fairness and honesty, I have to say that February sucked. It really was not a great month for me personally, running or otherwise.  My calf really isn’t cooperating and I’m revisiting my calendar for the next few months and debating on how to get through this. Training was going so well and then….BOOM! not so well. I had to have an ultra sound done of both legs to rule out a blood clot, which thankfully, I don’t have and am trying to get into my doctor to see how we’re going to attack this. In the mean time, I tried running last week, it was so so and Sunday left me frustrated. I made it around the block and called it quits because of the pain. I found a magnesium gel at Whole Foods, that I’m using on a daily basis. Magnesium seems to be a wonder supplement and really hoping it works some magic.  For now, I’m back to cross training and patience, but if you know me, I’m not good at being patient.

Add that to every day stress, ups and downs, and life has been a roller coaster for me.


I did get in the kitchen last night and bake, which is always therapeutic. One of my favorite websites to check out for tasty and pretty healthy treats is The Ambitious Kitchen, she never disappoints!  What caught  my eye was the Chocolate chip coconut flour Paleo banana bread (check out the photo below). I doubled the recipe, which made a large loaf and two small mini loaves to share. It was super easy, as all of her recipes are and I used a non dairy/soy/nut/vegan chocolate chip in it.  It was a nice treat and still kept me on track! Have you used coconut flour before? I love it and it packs in a lot of fiber in a small amount.

My eating post Whole30 has gone well. I feel like I’m back in a good rhythm with food choices and not reverting to where I was in the fall. Not to say, it wasn’t yummy, but I needed to reign it in again.


I’m hoping that March is kinder to me and I can try logging some miles. In the mean time, I’m going to keep my chin up, cross train and not let myself get too down.

How do you deal with slumps and bumps in the road?





5 thoughts on “February is Outta here!

  1. OMG did you see my post from today?! We are totally on the same page right now! February SUCKED and I’m dying over here just waiting for my injury to go away. I hope now that stupid February is behind us that we’ll both be able to recover soon!


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