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Make Your Shine Count!

We put out the energy and light that we want to get back, so make it fancy and positive!


Since my last blog post, I visited Sonoma, CA. It was my first time there and it was gorgeous! It amazes me that there are so many beautiful and fun places to visit not far from me. Pretty sure I need to make a list and starting checking them off, like Santa! The reason I headed north, was to see Lisa, she was there celebrating the wedding of her step daughter. Lisa and I have known each other for 28 years and it all started in after school honors band. Oh the memories we have! If life has something to celebrate, we do. If life has something that we need a shoulder to get through, we do. It’s never a doubt that we’re there for each other, friendships like ours are rare and I’m so fortunate to have her.

Sonoma, CA – The  General’s Daughter

The wedding was super small and took place at The General’s Daughter. If you’re looking for an elegant and intimate venue, this is it! The wedding looked like it came out of a magazine, everything from start to finish was gorgeous. The next day we headed out for a wine tour and I have to be honest, I’m such a light weight when it comes to drinking. There were three wineries on the list – Roche, Silver Oak and Chandon. Chandon was my favorite, because it specializes in sparkling and this Pink Hat loves her bubbles.


Silver Oak Winery – Napa, CA
Bubbly at Chandon – Napa, CA

It was a short but fabulous visit, spending time with friends recharges my batteries. Do you have any long standing friendships?

Over this past weekend, I had a bit of self care going on in the form of a mud wrap. It exceeded my expectations. Not being a stranger to spa services, I thought this would be fun. The last time I did something like the mud wrap was probably 6 years ago? Long overdue that’s for sure.

Mud Wrap at Monterey Day Spa

It was an hour and a half of bliss and started with dry brushing. I really didn’t know much about this, but it’s really quite interesting. Dry Brushing helps with circulation, your lymphatic system, detoxing and so much  more. They sent me home with the brush, so I can keep up this good practice. After the brushing, I was painted with warm mud, wrapped up in the foil you see above and had a cranial massage. The massage put me in a zone where I’m sure I fell asleep. It was so relaxing! After rinsing off, a layer of moisturizer was applied and I walked out feeling refreshed and so good! Briana who was getting a pedicure at the time, said I was glowing. Pretty sure she was right! The other stop I made was to Lush in Carmel. It’s a candy store for my girly side, they are well stocked with everything to pamper and take care of your skin. This visit, I picked up a bath bomb which I’ve had many but always love to find a different scent/flavor. The new to me items were Mmmmelting Marshmallow bath meltPorridge Soap , King of Skin lotion bar and a Cosmetic Warrior mask. The girls that work at the Carmel location are so friendly and fun!

With all of this fun, I’ve also made sure to get quality cross training sessions in. As a matter of fact, I came across the Peleton app on my phone to stream spin classes. I like it, because I don’t have to stick to a certain time each day if a class doesn’t work with my schedule at the gym. To say I’ve become addicted is an understatement! They have so many choices of ride type, duration and instructor. If you like to spin, check it out, I’m using a free 14 day trial and it’s $12.99 a month if you choose to subscribe. That’s not a bad price for spin on demand! They also have live classes you can jump into if you like. Besides spinning my wheels, I’ve been to kettle bell, in the pool, using the elliptical and staying focused on getting back out on the road next month to log miles.

As you can see life has  been moving ahead with a lot of fun and hard work to get back in my Mizunos. April has a few more adventures up her sleeve, which are exciting and I’ll be sure to share them with you.


Have you tried any Lush products? What are your favorites?

What is your go to cross training?

Any fun vacation plans this summer?




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