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Makin’ a Comeback

Hello out there!! I’ve been putting off a new blog until I was able to get back out on the road and pound some pavement. Well, that day finally came and boy was I happy!


Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t moving at the speed of light or logging double digits. The point is that I did it and that’s what matters.  If you remember the last time I tried running around the block, I hobbled back to the car. Thanks but no thanks, Compartment Syndrome. Then I proceeded to cry as I updated Michelle that I was going to stop running and hang up my pink hat forever.  My fear was that I would still have pain, even though I can tell a tremendous difference in my leg. There isn’t pain going up or down stairs, I can cross my leg without pain, walk without pain or a limp and generally feeling a lot better.


As the story usually goes, after recovering from injury and listening to both my doctor and coach, I did just fine. Sarah went with me and we did a 3:1 interval plan so that I wasn’t too aggressive, per Coach’s orders. She is awesome and stuck it out with me. We chatted the miles away and I didn’t focus on my leg.  All of that cross training has paid off for keeping up my endurance, guess Dr. B was right, again! My pink hat logged a pain free 3.6 miles that included a cool down. I felt strong, and ready for this next training cycle to start. This week I’ll have a couple more run/walks on the calendar added into my cross training, which is exciting!


In other news, I visited the Oiselle Flagship Store last weekend! It was pretty neat and I picked up a couple of tops and socks that were on sale. My pink hat loves a good sale, especially for running/workout gear! Have you been there?


O’dark30 workouts are on track as well, although Monday mornings tend to be more difficult to peel myself out of a warm bed. To be honest, I’m not sure why Mondays are my tough days when I’m raring to go otherwise.  I get lots of good workouts in and if Monday morning is my hall pass, then that’s ok.

Look at this cute mug I found on Etsy!


Now that I’m feeling back on track and more like myself, I’m excited for the summer! It’s been a rough start to the year, but it’s definitely getting better on all fronts and there is so much in store for me.

What are you up to this summer?

How is your training going?

Tell me, how do you come back from injury?





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