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Monday Motivation

A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting with my coach about what’s been going on with each of us and I mentioned, “I’ve lost my mojo for running” Not that I haven’t been running, I have and my training has been going well, I just haven’t looked at it the same. Michelle told me to be easy on myself, if a run didn’t feel right and was on the calendar, I could replace it with cross training or a rest day. I found I was getting all of my workouts in, but sometimes I juggled them around to when I knew it would be better timing. This was inline with my promise to myself that during the time of transition, if I didn’t work out, eat exactly how I should, I wouldn’t beat myself up. I had enough on my plate to know where my limits were both emotionally and psychologically.  Adding stress due to food or exercise was not a plan for success. I pretty much gave myself a pass to be nice to myself.

The universe had me hip deep in muck this summer and I put in the work and effort to dig through it rather than pushing aside and pretend that life is going on its merry way. I needed to chew on it and leave it under my Mizunos.


Even though my Instagram has still be strong, I haven’t felt much like blogging. I didn’t realize that it’s been since JUNE that I’ve blogged? How did that happen? Oh right, I had my waders on trying to demuck my life. I promise I’ll get better and back on schedule with blog posts, I know how much you all enjoy reading what’s going on in my pink hat world.

For now, I’m focusing on a few things to get me back on track.

  1. Be more social and not quite such a hermit. When life gets tough, I stay to myself more.
  2. Continue to nurture the meaningful relationships in my life.
  3. Blog more!
  4. Take care of myself inside and out.  Recently, I started using Macros+ to help keep me accountable. The results have been outstanding! During stressful times I either had no appetite or my portion sizes were out of whack.

On November 13th, I’ll be helping to pace the 3:00 group for the Big Sur Half Marathon. I’m super excited to co-lead this group with my friend Molly and help runners reach their goals! Check out the The Treadmill’s Pacing Team bios and let me know if you’ll be running!

Remember,  when I went to Toronto back in June to surprise my coach for her birthday and met the amazing group of ladies that run up there? Allison, aka The Lazy Perfectionist reached out about the Ragnar Niagara this May and if I’d like to join her team! She is an Ambassador  and has put together a top notch group. Needless to say, I was thrilled for the invite and can’t wait to see this crew again!


Have you lost your mojo and how did you find it?

Anyone have Ragnar experience you can send my way?

What’s on your race calendar?






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