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Monday Motivation: Success, How do You Define it?

Almost every successful person starts with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and 2. I have power to make it so.

How do you define success for yourself? Is it setting, reaching and achieving a goal? Is it the small steps on the way to something bigger? More often than not, I look at the pieces that helped me reach my goal.  The small details, the overlooked achievement, finding good in something that wasn’t entirely so.

In the past, if you asked me about success, as it applies to running, I would have said it would have been defined by pace and finish times. That’s not the case any  more. Over the years, my focus has shifted from time specific, to over all experience and how I felt in the process. Was I mentally strong? Was I able to help someone in some way? How did my body feel? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a sub 2:00 half or a speedy 10K in my future, but it’s all about how I get there.


This last week has been filled with so much! I was accepting to Oiselle’s Team Volee and as an Ambassador for Dixie Devil Sport. Dixie Devil is a new and fresh company for women, that participate in multi sports, gear for chic chicks! I love that line on their website, how cute is that? Chic Chicks!

I’ve also had some good training runs and on Saturday, ran with Molly. It turned out to be her birthday and what better way to start the day, but a 10 mile o’dark30 run! We started at 5:30 am and finished with coffee and chat, before she headed out for her day of fun.


I wanted to start early, so I could get to a 10 am barre class at the gym, because I was off to a wedding in the afternoon. Dr. B, you all should remember him, he’s the one that helps keep me upright and fixes my numerous injuries. His oldest son was married to an incredible young lady, this weekend. I was excited to hear about the engagement and so honored that they thought to have me there. Having worked for the office,  I’ve known them since the boys were little and it was such a wonderful day. Despite the rain, we spent the evening under a twinkle lit tent, enjoying friends and of course toasting to the happy couple. After the ceremony and cocktail hour, dinner was served and it was freshly made to order tacos. Both fun and yummy!


What do you categorize a success?

How was your weekend?

Thanksgiving is around the corner, are you going to register for a turkey trot?





4 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Success, How do You Define it?

  1. Thanks for the motivation! Your post is actually very timely for me. I ran a half-marathon race yesterday and although I wasn’t super happy with my time, I was very happy with how I felt during the run. My pace was consistent and I left a little energy in the tank to speed up towards the end. It wasn’t a perfect day but I listened to my breathing and was happy to execute according to plan (even if the end result was a little slower). Thanks again for posting!


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