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Motivation Monday, 3:00 Pace Party!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or Facebook you know I’ve been gearing up to help pace the 3:00 group for the Big Sur Half Marathon that took place yesterday. It. Was. AMAZING!!!

Molly and I at the start!

Molly and I were ready to go, fueled with a healthy mix of energy, motivation and excitement. Molly paced this group last year and couldn’t stop saying the best things about it. With her endorsement, I couldn’t wait to line up at the starting line! You all know that I love to volunteer, give back and act crazy motivate anyone and everyone to do their best. I wanted to help pace this group for all of those reasons and more.

Caught in action around mile 1. This was us for 3:00!

We had a few folks join us and we took off like the moving party we were. The athletes either sped up, YESSSS! or decided to take their time and enjoy the scenery as we forged ahead. The 3:00 pacers became a mobile motivational cheering station. If you saw us or let’s be honest heard us on the course, wouldn’t you agree?! This being the local event, in the 8,000 runners, I knew a lot of them! It was high fives galore! We loved every second of it.

Hey girl hey!!! We were rockin’ and rollin through Pacific Grove!

We made sure to keep an eye on the runners around us and check in with folks that didn’t look like they were having as much fun as we were. I gave away the sweaty Gu Blocks I was carrying, chatted with those around us to find out what brought them to 13.1 miles on a gorgeous Sunday, we found a medic for one lady who had an unhappy tummy and cheered everyone on. This morning, I had a direct message on Instagram from Amy, she said she found us at mile 10 and we were what she needed finish strong. That’s what I’m talking about!!! We had the “dynamic duo” ahead of us, unknowingly we helped one of them get a PR. She told us at the recovery tent sponsored by The Treadmill. So much love in 3:00, I can’t wait to go back next year!

A special thanks to the Cleary’s, Chris and Janice. They are the owners of The Treadmill, the locally owned and operated running store, that put together the pacing team for the event. They infuse passion, commitment and giving back to the community through everything they do. They give of themselves, their family and foster relationships with all athletes that will last a lifetime. If it weren’t for them and their love for getting outside, we wouldn’t be half the community we are. You make us better athletes, friends and neighbors, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Our bling, earned because of the people around us that we supported and encouraged!

Have you volunteered or paced at a race?

How was your weekend, tell me what you were up to!




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