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Vacation Recap!

I’m back from an amazing trip to Baltimore to visit family! It was such a great week away, filled with quality time with family and a lot of memories were made.  Warning: You’re going to see a lot of pictures and hear about food!

The week started off visiting Briana, I’m sure you all remember her from when she was living in California. In all honesty, we talk pretty much every day. But it is so different being able to see each other in person! Briana has become one of my closest, dearest friends over the years. We get each others’ kinda crazy, support adventures and ideas, not to mention we have so much fun together. We started out on Friday, with a killer RPM spin class, followed up by barre. I know barre isn’t necessarily her thing, but she went with me, such a trooper! After our work out, we brunched at The Iron Rooster where we gawked at the deliciousness going by and enjoyed our egg whites. We both prescribe to the philosophy that something has to be really and truly worth it to splurge. It was so good and I *may* have snuck a menu out so I can plot an all out meal there when I go back.

We did some shopping, manicures and Whole Foods for dinner that night.  I love that Briana is also an IIFYM gal and understands my nutrition. We are both huge fans of Whole Foods and when I said that’s what I wanted for dinner, she was more than on board.


Saturday morning, we bundled up and headed out to the Annapolis Baltimore Trail for an o’dark30 run. Briana is a fast runner, so I know that it was the company more than the pace that got her there 😉 The 8.30 miles flew by and we thawed out with coffee after.


Heading out from Briana’s I met up with my cousin Alan for brunch (is there a brunch theme going on here….). We went to Miss Shirley’s , where I completely embarrassed him with my ordering. He really thought it was going to take 20  minutes to make sure I had it the way I wanted. AKA, to fit my macros,  but I have it down to a science! Plus, I peeked at the menu before hand. I opted for the Baltimore omelette with egg whites, spinach and crab. Being in Baltimore, meant Old Bay on everything! I probably would have bathed in it if I could. Yes, I know you an get it on the West Coast, but it’s not the same to me. Here’s the omelette!


That was followed up with time with my Uncle Elliot and Aunt Ilene, Alan’s parents, for the night. It’s always so nice to see them, even if we don’t visit for a while we pick up like it’s been a few moments that have passed.


Sunday, I headed over to the other side of the family to see as many people as I could. My Uncle Ted was first up, we normally spend a day together, but I was short on time and we had lunch instead. He is hard to pin down between fishing trips and he is super active. I’m always lucky to have time with him.


My cousin Melissa and her husband Al, are partners in Waverly Brewing Company and they hosted us on Sunday evening for beer tasting!! So much fun to see cousins I haven’t in YEARS and do a little tasting!

Don’t think that this was all fun and goodies! I stayed on track both nutrition wise and with my workouts – remember Briana and I went to the gym and ran. I also found RevCycle on Yelp and signed up for classes for Monday and Tuesday. Monday was a 7 am spin class, and Tuesday was 6 am barre with 7 am spin following it. If you’re in the Baltimore area, check them out, your first ride is free! The classes were ahhmazing! They use Under Armour trainers and let me tell you, they kick your booty! Tuesday’s spin instructor was off the charts, really pushed me, which I love and I may have been growling in class. Yes, growling because I was so into it!


You may not know this, but I’m affiliated with a running club based on the East Coast and have become friends with Janete, she is such an awesome lady. On Monday after spin we met for breakfast at Spoons and to catch up.


That evening, I was able to see my Great Aunt Theresa and her daughter Michele for dinner. They always make time for me when I visit and I so appreciate that!


My Uncle Nick and Aunt Linda, completely spoiled me with lunch from Di Pasquales on Tuesday. This place is an institution and been around for over a 100 years. My grandmother used to go there every week and when I was with her, I loved going with her. Everyone knew her, she was loved by each and every person she knew. When it came down to it, this was the best splurge meal I could have asked for. Sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table, with my Aunt and Uncle that mean more than the world to me, having a simple but incredible lunch that my grandmother would have had. I know that she looked down on us, loving the moment and knowing that right then, I was home. I was where I belong and needed to be.  Good Italian bread, pepperoni, cheese, prosciutto, mortadella, and love, that’s what we had. Most importantly the memory of sitting at that table, breaking bread and feeling loved was the important part for me.


Uncle Nick also was a pizelle making machine for me. You know that I fit these into my macros 😉


The last night I was there, I spent it with Uncle Nick, Aunt Linda and Briana. I wanted to say thank you to them for being incredible hosts and family. Life is better having them by my side, and one last seafood dinner at Nick’s Fish House


It’s always so hard to leave the East Coast, especially when it’s chock full of most of my favorite people.

Back in California,  I got back into my normal routine and gave myself a buffer before having to go back to work today. It’s been relaxing and productive. I met up with Rungry Runner for an o’dark30 5 miler on Thursday, it had been a while since we caught up, and longer since we ran together.


I’ve also been wanting to take my scale with me to the Whole Foods salad bar, I know that’s so nerdy of me. But I don’t want to make a salad, to come home and destruct it, weigh everything and put it back together. I finally did this on Thursday evening and it was a success. I’ll be doing this again, so much easier to add it to the container, weigh the items and log it all at once.


That was my week away! Now I’m back and raring to go as I look forward to 2017 getting here. I have a couple of awesome events on the calendar and I’m going to add a couple more to use as training runs. Right now, I’m running Ragnar Niagara Falls in May and staying in Toronto so that I can run the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon a couple of weeks later. Both events are going to be a lot of fun, look for training updates in future blog posts. If you’re interested in running NFWHM with me and who isn’t?! Use code “rollback” between now and December 31st at midnight to get the early bird price of $68. What a great holiday gift to yourself!! After that adventure, I’ll be getting ready for the Squamish 23k in August, in British Columbia. Boy my passport will get a workout, I hope it’s going to be ready!

Are you ready for the holidays? What traditions does your family have? Are you looking forward to 2017? Tell me what your plans are!





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