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Hey there, 2017, nice to see ya!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! How did you celebrate ushering out 2016 and welcoming 2017? I stayed in, I am not a big going-outter (is that a word? It is now!), which meant a quiet evening was perfect.  My last workout of 2016 was awesome! I did a hill run, kettle bell and spin classes, plus I had my swimsuit in my bag and got in 1500 meters of laps.

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I made dinner, watched a little television, chatted with friends and was fast asleep by 9 pm. My eyes opened at o’dark30 and I got the house cleaned, laundry done and put away may I add, plus breakfast made before heading to the gym. It was so nice get those chores accomplished early and be able to enjoy my New Year’s Day. My initial plan was to go to the 1.5 hour spin class at the gym and then to the yoga/hike being hosted by the local Lululemon store. After spin, which was awesome, we had two great teachers lead the extended class, I opted out of yoga. It was a grey, overcast, cold and chance of rain afternoon which didn’t sound like a good way to hike and downward dog. After spin and talking Kadria the second teacher of the class, into leading a quick ab workout, I went grocery shopping and home.


Two things were on my mind this morning. One being that once again I’m NOT making a New Year’s Resolution for 2017. As you know, I’m a “If it needs to be done, I do it ASAP” kinda gal. Why wait for a special day of the year, take action and do it!! Of course I have goals that I want to accomplish, but they have been set in motion for some time. Travel more to destinations that aren’t familiar or that I have a connection to. I want to explore and get out of my comfort zone! I’ve been thinking about becoming certified to teach spin classes and started looking into that a couple of weeks ago. It’s a matter of when fits into my schedule and where.

My nutrition and fitness goals is a big one. You all know I’ve been working on fueling my body better for a few months by using IIFYM and the macros group with Mary Davis starts on January 9th. I am so excited to do this!!! She is so on point and will help me fine tune even more timing, macros, etc to help me reach my goals even more.

How did you spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day?




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