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Tuesday, the new Monday

Good morning! Hopefully, everyone had a nice long weekend! Mine was busy, productive and fun.

I’m ready for the new week, armed with coffee!


Sunday, I got to do some shopping with my best friend and we lunched at True Food Kitchen in Palo Alto. If you have a location near you or you happen to come across one, do yourself a favor and go! The food is not only innovative, fresh and healthy, it’s amazing! My first experience was in Pasadena, back in November and I loved it. My Tuscan Kale salad with a double serving of Ahi tuna was what I needed in my life. I love me some kale and protein. Sorry that the photo isn’t better. I weighed the fish, dumped it on and got down to business of eating.


Last week, I talked about starting with Mary Davis, as a macros coach and promised to share weekly updates with you. It’s very important to me that I’m transparent and honest with you guys. Starting the week, I was a little nervous, truth be told. Mary and I are going to approach the next six weeks increasing my fat and carbs because of the level of activity I have each week. She decreased my protein a smidge, with the caveat that it will go up.


The week went well, I also started her weight lifting routine which put me away from as many classes and in the weight room. It felt good to use free weights again, it’s been years! That wasn’t the only shift, I found myself much more even keeled during the day, I timed my food better and felt amazing!

Sunday, Chyrl came over for dinner and we took our update photos for Mary. Each week, we keep a log of food/macros, workouts (weight used, etc.) and take a progress picture. With that done, I was a little nervous getting on the scale Sunday morning. In all honesty, I was preparing myself for a gain, which I was going to be just fine with. If I gained, but felt this good, then I’m going to consider the week a win. Can you imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and saw a LOSS for the week?! Will this happen every week? Doubtful. What it does do is to remind me to TRUST the PROCESS!! When I started on my IIFYM journey in September I had no idea what it was going to do for me both inside and out. Working with Mary has been the step up I needed to really be a game changer on many levels. I am proud of myself that I took charge of my macros and got myself started on this, but having Mary beside me truly is a tremendous help. She certainly keeps it real, is honest, incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and above all, she cares about her clients. I can’t wait to see what the next 5 weeks bring, I’m ready!

As promised here is my progress photo for this week, I made a collage to send her and I said I would share it with you. Here you go.


How was your week? Do you have today off for MLK?

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