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Monday Motivation: Macros Update Week 4, Here we GO!!

Today  marks the start of week four of working with Mary and I’m feeling stronger than ever!  I have to apologize, before I get too far into this blog, I spaced on writing an update last week. It was on my mind, but I kept getting distracted for some reason, life was a little hectic!

I hopped on the scale this morning and saw I stayed the exact same as last week and you know what? I was happy with that! My strength is improving, I’m losing inches, I’m feeling confident and making progress towards my goals for both running and overall fitness. There is muscle definition happening!


With all of this macro counting, weight lifting, I’m feeling a difference in my running as well – which was a focus for me in starting this. Fueling my body appropriately, cross training to reduce injury and get stronger were and are important to me. With my obturator on the mend, my running has seen an improvement and getting my hips/glutes stronger is a huge plus! Yesterday’s long run was scheduled for 50 minutes and wound up being an hour because I did a loop over to the beach to see the amazing sunrise. How can you not stop for this?


I’ve also been in the pool once a week and tearing it up on the spin bike. My rides are getting stronger and I’m burning crazy calories!


Now you all know that I’m a get the most bang for your macros buck kinda gal, while still feeling like I’m getting good foods with a couple of treats. I’ve found some awesome additions to my weekly menu that have added in a bit of sweetness. The first one is GButter, think Nutella meets cookie, meets birthday cake and is macro friendly! I ordered two flavors, Birthday Cake and the Hazelnut Cocoa. The Birthday Cake, I enjoy with cereal and a little almond milk for dessert in the evenings. It really hits the spot and I don’t always use the full serving. Macros for 2 tablespoons is Protein – 10 g Carbs – 5 g Fat – 5 g with 100 calories. Trust me, a little of this goes a long way! I used the Hazelnut Cocoa on protein pancakes the other morning for pre work out fuel, I felt like I was cheating even though I wasn’t!


Last night, Chyrl came over for our weekly photo update and dinner, just in time to try a Buff Brownie with me! I found Buff Stuff Shop on Instagram and ordered the DIY pack. It came with Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Lemon Meringue, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon. The only ingredients you add to the mix are 46 g of egg whites and half a cup of water, presto, you have an amazing brownie! Chyrl brought over some Arctic Zero Chocolate and Salted Caramel flavors and we  had a decadent treat!

How is your training and nutrition going? If you’re looking for ways to save, here are a few discount codes for you!

Niagara Falls Womens Half Marathon has a coupon code, use “NFWHM15” for $15 off!

Eat Me Guilt Free use “Michele” for 10% yummy treats!





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