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Week 5 is Starting and Transparency…

Do you ever reach a point where you just don’t want to? Just don’t want to be an adult, take care of what’s needed, do anything? Last Tuesday, that was me. I felt overwhelmed with life, getting home later than usual. It had been a long day, I was tired, had dishes to do, bags to pack for the next day, macros to finish up and all I wanted was for someone to say, “Hey, I’ve got this, I’ll take care of it”. Of course that didn’t happen, because I am a one woman show and damn proud of it, but it would have been nice! I got myself together, ate what I needed to, packed the bags and went to bed. The next day, I was up and at the gym, doing my best. Some days, I fall prey to a pity party for one, we all do. But it’s how we handle it and rally, that matters the most!


Last week, was week 4 with Mary’s macro group and I was feeling strong physically and mentally, well mostly except for that table for one on Tuesday. My lifting is getting stronger, I’m upping weights, I’m fueling with my macros and trying to get as close to being on point as possible! It’s been a fun game of seeing just how much I can eat for my allotment every day and keep it interesting. Sunday  night’s progress photos are showing changes and I’m happy. The scale is a battle, I may never win though. It fluctuates and I’m going to take a small vacation from it for a while! I think that’s a healthy approach and Mary agreed, so many other factors come into play with measuring success. How do you measure success?


My running has been strongly impacted by this increase in muscle and fueling. I ran 7.2 miles yesterday before kettle bell and spin classes. It was a comfortable pace and when I finished and saw that I was actually cruising at a faster pace, I was very happy. I haven’t felt that good for a medium distance run with good splits in a while. All of this is paying off!


This morning, to kick off the week I got in the weight room for triceps and chest, plus I added two extra sets of push ups. Why? Because why not! I’m seeing definition, changes in my physique and loving it. This is a process and a journey that will only lead to success and continued health.


How was your week, did you make any changes in your routine? Trying anything new to shake things up?

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